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Spotify Premium Music app offline Mod for android

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Hey guys it actually works Spotify Premium apk download for free I'm not feeling good whatsoever what does I wanted to welcome back to a brand new video on the channel you guys can tell from the intro and by my voice right now I am definitely not at my best

it's that time of year where hay fever season comes around the poles getting high again on tours just suddenly you're completely dying like I think my eyes are about red my nose is just blocked do not worry dude the entire video is

not me sitting here sounding like someone is holding my news while I tuck I record the later part of today's video the actual tutorial part the other day before I fell ill so it's a lot lot better it's a lot easier to listen to so

I'm going to make this intro short and sweet anyway today we should surreal is how you can get yourself spotify premium for free in 2017 I tried making this video as clear as possible but this is one of my first of thrills ever it's

definitely the first to throw like on this sort of size so make sure you guys take it easy and we don't go too hard onme if you guys have a constructive criticism the next year you leave it so below in the comments section I'd be

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Spotify Premium apk offline version 

happy to listen just before we jump over all the iPhone so you guys can see how to do it I would just like to let you guys know there is indeed a huge giveaway going on on this channel right now for some get cars of your choice or

you don't like it way to go down below take the subscribe button hit the like button and sudden all my channel notifications once you've done those three things they'll need to combat zone below saying Spotify Premium for free

and I know you guys are entered into the giveaway if you guys like a low-end rotaries and all your videos go down below and atop the comments section you guys will see a gleam giveaway link you guys will also find this link in the top

of the description just go to and fold a few easy steps and you guys are entered into the giveaway anyway guys that's enough talking for me it's no time to head over on the iPhone see you guys can find out how to get yourself some

  • spotify premium for free so without any further hesitation let's jump over onto the I phone okay guys another Rover onto the iPhone the first thing you guys want to do here is open up the Safari browser

  • for me mine's in the bottom right-hand side of the screen but for you it may be elsewhere now make sure it's indeed Safari and not Google Chrome or anything along those lines it must be Safari and what you guys want

  • type in the URL bar is two two out of VIP exactly as you guys see it right here look for me majors already pre-loaded but that's because I put the URL in before I began a tutorial but for you guys you'll have to take this in the

  • URL bar you guys will then also see VAP or regular VAP means you have to pay regular as for free and obviously this is a free tutorial so we're going to click on a regular right here and you guys will see a massive download now a

  • big massive green button obviously we'regoing to click the download now button right here and we're actually installed suits you help or sometimes you have to click a couple of times towards the aixi work but you guys will see here Suzy

  • opcom will they've installed two to help a regular version for free just click install I'm wit for the out to install if we back out onto the home page of the iPhone here you guys can see that the

  • two to help our up is MD installing on our home page this shouldn't take too long whatsoever it's probably take a number for me cuz my internet is absolutely terrible but for you guys with fast internet connection speeds it

will probably join though within a matter of seconds so that you guys can see it it's only look if we actually click the out you guys will see here on trust the enterprise developer but do not fear this can be fixed all you guys

want to do here is just click Council and scroll across to your settings and go join it to the general tab that I'm already on the general tab simply for the 500 seat seals on the previous piece I do not want you guys see them but

Spotify Premium app for Android 

simply good zone where it says general you either up to scroll down I'll just be there and when you guys want to see here is scroll down until you guys see proof a so click profiles and you guys will see here enterprise up when our

media you guys just want to click on this right here and click trust winner media trust again and there you guys can see we have no trust at the app from here what you guys want to do is bite out of this settings page and scroll

across and you guys will no be able when the tsutsu helper our Tutsi helper would like to send you notifications I do not want notifications so I'm going to click done' lie and that only you guys have to do here is scroll across

these few things here until you guys seestart now click start my clue is sewing this pop-up and you guys are end to the art the next step is pretty self-explanatory all you guys want to do here is go to this top service bar click

it click it again and you guys want to type in there Spotify and the whole dragon tamer and correctly aids is indeed just tape and Spotify wait for it to load and spotify premium should appear on this list here you guys can

see spotify plus plus and all you guys actually see here it's just clicking the get button that a should begin downloading though you guys can see it's on 12% already on raising all you do here is just went forward to reach 100%

and then once it reaches 100% you guysare good to install spotify plus plus this is amazing honestly there's so many people want to get Spotify for free there's always having to listen to ads come listen to offline and stuff it's

just really really awkward so hopefully today tutorial will indeed work but I'll come back to you guys whenever Spotify has installed once the Spotify download reaches 100% you'll be greeted with this message here to tee up calm would like

to install Spotify plus pause just click install here a lot to install you guys will see an orange button appears just click on that orange button and Spotify Premium will start install it may ask you again here as you guys can see it

ask me again just click install as many times as it appears it will do the same job and then when we back onto the home screen you guys will see here that Spotify is indeed downloading and the bottom rate how fast Spotify downloads

all depends on your internet speed though for me it's actually frozen here but that's just because the internet is not create whatsoever but if I give it a couple of minutes Spotify will absorb it and I'll be able

to generate the sumption and after a few minutes of winning Spotify Premium hasn't been sold but you guys will find when you click on Spotify on trust enterprise developer we've already seen this message in today's video we know

indeed no high go across here at see settings just where four cents open sometimes if phones velvet slough good zone to general good zone here to proof eyes click and proof eyes you guys will see

your Beijing and however you see the rest I can't print around you guys will see Spotify plus plus verified trust Beijing aloe trust know you guys will see it has been trusted by code scroll across to your to Spotify and open up

Spotify Premium and you guys can see Korean account or Logan now I'm actually Logan here just approved you guys this does indeed work I'm not play any music just in case I get copyrighted but this is qualify

premium for free so I have logged in you guys can see here that I am on Spotify I can browse I can scroll I can go into different genres moods everything out start video I can do pretty much everything on the app here all free of

charge did not cost me a penny pretty young good my phone isn't they gonna die so that's gonna do it for the phone side of things for today to thrill but hopefully a tutorial how hopefully is clear and hopefully you guys got yourself spotify premium for free if you guys would like to see more tutorials to make sure you subscribe down below so that you never miss a tutorial in the future also top like on today's videos issues you guys students they'd want to

see how to get more free stuff and also leave a comment down below saying footify premium for free ad assumes that it works for me guys anyway I will see you on the next tutorial I do adios